See what I’ve won!?

Remember i participated in one contest organised by Mei Mei’s SignatureS – Megan Miller? Below is the fotoz i submitted! Contest rule: take pic of your bottle(s) of polish with jewels, stones, gems.. and winners will be selected via Rafflecopter…

Rafflecopter “selected” my fotoz as one of the winning entry.. yeah~!! and winning prize?? TWO BOTTLES OF MEGAN MILLER POLISH (of my choice) + SGD10 MEI MEI’S SIGNATURES VOUCHER!!!!!! toooo good to be true!!!!!!


I picked Roja and Velvet Lounge..

Roja: It’s like the signature color of Megan Miller (IMO).. A beautiful bright chilli red. Kinda sheer in one coat but good to go in two. I’ll be showing you more of Roja today as i did them on my toes for Singapore National Day!

Velvet Lounge: this color reminds mi so A-England’s Elaine. Purple color. Blackened Purple.. its like looking at a very very ripe eggplant..



See it goes on bright and cheery.. with out “out of shape” stars in white.. hahaaahah!!! Application was smooth and easy.. but i was having bad shaky hands!! grr.. still i want my nails red!!


And this is my National Day!!


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