Blue with Potosi Love!

Finally!! Last night i bought a new polish remover to remove my existing polish!! that means… Yeah!!! i can try my new love!! Cirque Potosi!! but wat color should i match it with????? black is too common (IMO).. Red… hmm no feel for red yet! and just when i thot i got no matching colors to go with Potosi…i saw one of my old polish waving at me!!


20120726-221948.jpgMy long lost love.. Blue polish from The Face Shop! Very seldom i will have chance to use this color.. and now… hahaha!! happy!! it’s still useful afterall!!



20120726-223941.jpgNow this is Potosi.. almost my love at first sight top coat!! The irregular silver flakes made it so special and unique!! There’s also silver gold glitters too..! best part.. it smells AMAZING!! that mild lavender scent is… WOW!! i’m loving the scent..

I wana be a little long winded again… As quoted from Cirque site, Cirque is an artisanal line of hand-blended nail polish made in New York.  The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, represents the color wheel and the endless color possibilities in the continuum.  Creator, Annie Pham, sought to develop colors that transcend those of conventional brands by experimenting with unique pigments and raw materials.  The debut collection, Dark Horse, is a 12-color arrangement that is diverse in its hues and finishes — similar to the creative energy that abounds New York.

Cirque nail polish is B3 free, which means it does not contain toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Each bottle holds .45 oz / 13.2 ml of product and is hand-mixed by batch using high quality ingredients such as cosmetic-grade pigments and glitter.  Organic lavender and clary sage essential oils have been added to lend your hands a subtle scentafter the polish dries.

Below are few pics that i took after i applied my Potosi.. Can’t stop looking at my toes!! moving them at different directions to see the shine!! 😀 😀

20120726-222045.jpg(Pardon those darkened mark between my toes.. those the marks left behind by the toe separator!)20120726-222109.jpg

20120726-222129.jpgA little corner of my big fat toe is “spoilt” but still can divert the beauty of Potosi!!20120726-222212.jpg

Now this (above pic) is taken this morning before i head to work! With natural daylight shining on them, they look even more gorgeous!! i cant take professional picture to show u the gorgeous-ness of Potosi but i believe this SITE can!! It was from there that made me fall in love with Potosi!! aaaw man! who can resist amazing polish like this? look nice smell nice!!

Now, where to get your Cirque Polish??? I grab mine from Mei Mei’s Signature. You can visit her e-shop or Facebook to view other available colors!! It’s only S$16 now!!打铁乘热!!


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