CLIO – Dark Blue

Ta-daaaa~~ here’s my Lucky Win from Bellabox & Clio!! A glittery gel pencil in dark blueeee…! I wasn’t aware its a glitter liner when i won it until i see it myself~~ at that moment, i was like.. “oh! lucky i got a blue one!”

This gel pencil eye liner has a sharpener at the other end of the pencil.. but… hmm.. i wouldn’t say its a sharpener.. it looks more like a retractable pencil.. turn turn turn it comes out, turn turn turn the other way & it goes back in. The tip doesn’t get sharpened when you turn it so can’t really say is a sharpener, isn’t it?? *raise brow*

(update the very next morning: ah har!! How dumb! It indeed is a sharpener.. Juz that u need to pull it out hard.. Lol! It’s juz a small sharpener, can be handy can be useless. U need sharp ur pencil w extra care else u will break the lead like I do… Hahaha! Clumsy morning!!)

Anyway, below are some pic i took while wearing my Clio liner… Some with flash and some without, so that you can visualise the blue glittery gel eyeliner…


Above pics are with flash and from there u can see that the blue is almost navy-like blue with blue shimmers.. To be honest, it’s quite “flakie” because as i draw my upper eyeliner, there’s always “minor-residue” lying around somewhere near my lower eye end. It’s like the shimmer has “dropped off”.. but still ok to me as it’s quite easy to brush them off..!

Other than that, applicable is very smooth! (At least to mi it is smooth.)

Below are some pics without flash..



Now you can see that they are actually not that blue-ish! In fact it’s a bit of blacken/dark grey-ish blue and the blue shimmers are not that obvious too.. If you were to ask mi, I will say that this is actually quite suitable for my work days as well!! It doesn’t makes me look too overly done yet it’s something different/special! I like it this way!

A side note: I went to Junction 8 Watson’s the other day wanted to get a CLIO black eyeliner (gel pencil) but later realise they do not have black (without glitters) gel pencil – its only black with gold glitter gelpresso.. quite sad but i’m still very satisfied with my new blue eyeliner!!

Happy Winner!

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