A-England Promotion!!

What are you waiting for!!!?? For only £5.00 (approximantely S$10) you can bring home your favourite A-England polish!!! i seriously dono why should i wait further.. HAHAHA!!

Need some MOTIVATION/ push factor to buy??….. FREE SHIPPINGGGGGG!!!! How’s that?????

I already have some A-England colors (Tristam, Perceval, St George & Bridal Veil) and i find these colors very opaque and have very smooth! most colors are good to go with just one coat!! I’m not boosting, really!! So here are the colors that i’m eyeing on…. Good for laying!!

Good for laying!!

Good for laying!! Heard that this glitters are very opaque! 1 coat is enuff to cover almost your base color.. (wow!)

Very nice teal green which reminds me of OPI Fly…

Purple..!! a very deep purple! eyeing for this since long long ago!!

A greyish silver with colorful shimmer, but only visible when u look at it hard enuff!! hahaha!!

Well.. what are you waiting for..? head down to A-England NOW before its all out of stock!!!!




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