SKII from VanityTrove & BellaBox

This is the SKII Facial Treatment that i had rec’d in my July VanityTrove & July BellaBox.. are they spoiling us with choices?? >_<

On the left is from VT, a slightly bigger sample (20g) and on the right is from BB which is only 6g, good for 4-5 use i think??

and i wana say.. the smell of SKII reminds mi of…………………….

Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream.. 😀 and this, reminds me of my granny!

and next, u can see here is the Clear Lotion 20ml from VT and Essence 10ml from BB.

Of cuz essence is better but.. oh well.. lotion is good enuff for me too..

So now you tell me which is better?? hard to judge ya?? >_<


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