My Biore My Kirei Kirei!

You know, i tends to wash my hands more often after changing my hand soap to Kirei Kirei! i love the foamy soap and the fruity smell is definitely a plus factor!! and what’s even better?? Shop and Save s having a PROMO!! For 1 Kirei Kirei it cost S$4 and if u buy 2, it’s just S$5.95!! u do the maths! ^_^

So happy that i manage to grab 2 home~!

JELLY Makeup Remover!!!!! I GOT IT!!  wahahahahaha!! after using the sample from VT, im so happy that i found a gr8 remover!!

This can remover waterproof makeup without u rubbing your face/eyes too hard!! gently massage and *poof* waterproof makeup GONE!

Satisfactory: 4.5 out of 5!!

Price: S$24.90


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