Happy Winning!

You know i seriously seriously seriously nvr thot that i would bring home one of my favourite polish!! A-England Bridal Veil!!! Thanks to Mei Mei’s Signature Mega Giveaway that ended 30th June!! i won myself an A-England Bridal Veil!!

Bridal Veil is not a new color from A-England collection but it’s definitely the latest polish in my stash!

To me, Bridal Veil is a very amazing color..! Black but not totally blackest black because it has colourful holo effect under the sun yet like silver glitter when indoor.

Pardon the untidy work, i did this in a hurry. As i can’t wait to see the colors on my happy nails, i brush it on without base & top coat!

I think this is the best photo that i can show u the colorful holo-ness.. probably i shd take a pic of it again when the sun is out.. but definitely not tomorrow.. cuz i’d already remove my polish.. >_< heee!!

Below pic has VERY BAD resolution.. but good in a way is that, it can show u how it looks like from far when the holo/glittery effect is NOT CLEAR! and… did i mention? all these photos here are done with just one coat of Bridal Veil.

Very opaque polish! save time from doing 2 coats. i’m loving my new Bridal Veil~~!!


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