Princess Pinki Trove

What is this all about??

It’s a Spree Edition Promo from Vanity Trove! Princess Pinki Magic Pink cream (Retail Price: S$48.90) + Pretty in Pinki VanityTrove (Retail Price: S$25) ONLY AT S$40!

Promo ends 28th June! Why wait? get yours now HERE!! Thought of sharing with you BFF and PINK together? Know what? Purchase 2 sets (Double Up) together, it will be more cost effective!! S$75 for 2 sets!! Click HERE to get your double up promo trove!

P.S.: Had made a call & email enquire to VT and was told that it will NOT be a regular trove. It’s gona be a special one.

What is Princess Pinki?

Princess Pinki is a Magic Pink Cream for instant pinkness that last all day long.

What can Princess Pinki do?

Princess Pinki can gives you rosy pink cheeks & lips without make up. Effectively removes dark pigmentation of lip, skin, nipple, external pubic area & treats skin discolouration due to smoking, breastfeeding, ageing, sun exposure etc. With Princess Pinki, you can reverse the effect of aging too.

So what..?

So…. Say good bye to constant application of blusher & lipstick & unsightly brown nipples. Being beautifully pink forever is no longer a fantasy. Princess Pinki is every girl’s dream come true.

You mean it last forever?! (O_o)

YES! ….. ah ok, just kidding.. Of course it won’t last forever! Pinkness will lasts for 1-3 days & is waterproof. You can carry on with your daily activities such as eating, drinking, showering or swimming and the treated skin will stay pink and rosy for days. Even after you remove your makeup with makeup remover, the pinkness will still stay. However, results vary according to individual.

What else should i know??

Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream is formulated with natural plant extracts. Also, a little cream goes a long way because it is pretty potent so please use sparringly, one tube can last more than 3 months.

Ok.. does all those sounds tempting enough?? hahah! i’m pretty excited about it and had already made my purchased! If this does not interest you but you would still like to get a regular trove, click HERE.. Regular Trove will be at S$25/month.

**Click HERE for Princess Pinki official site and HERE for Princess Pinki facebook page!



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