My First Ettusais..

How many have NOT heard of Ettusais?? i’ve heard of it but nvr really do much research about it.. My first impression of Ettusais was this brand must be an expensive brand from japan and only suitable for 小美眉 (小妹妹, teenagers). But i was wrong..

Et tu sais is a phrase you’ll often hear French girls using when they gather to share news and gossip with their friends. It means “You know what?”. Inspired by the modern, trendy and individualistic Parisian girl, Ettusais believes in giving women fun, tools to their individualism, and freedom from adult acne! (wow!!)


Adult acne, oiliness, poor sebum balance, dehydration, blemishes, clogged and enlarged pores affect many women in their 20s. Ettusais is committed to the search for clear, fresh skin. That’s why their fun-to-use skincare comprehensively takes care of problematic adult skin while hydrating skin to give it smoothness and a resilient bounce


Ettusais basecare is more than just about long-lasting coverage; to them make-up is also an extension of your skincare. Their base make-up covers and cares! Their products give excellent oil control, pimple prevention, have SPF, is non-comedogenic (so they’ll never clog your pores); all while giving you natural looking coverage with the lightest textures for the ultimate comfort in all-day-wear.


Make-up is about having fun, being chic and creating looks that portrays YOU! They’ve fashioned their make-up to come in an array of colors that you can pick and choose from, they also have smart, cut and innovative packaging that makes them convenient to use.


They have developed AC-Control Oil, a soy bean extract that effectively hydrates, treats and prevents acne. Dryness is one of the major causes of adult acne!

Their products that retain moisture, include AC-Control Oil as an ingredient while those that combat excess sebum adopt an oil-free formula. Both formulas help skin to stay resistant to acne. They address both dehydration and excessive sebum, while providing comprehensive care for those prone to adult acne.

Enough info now?? i got them from their site.. check it out HERE if u wan to find out more..

And now.. this is my happy buy thanks to VanityTrove and Ettusais joint promo.. S$38 for a full size BB Cream (40g) and get a complimentary Pore Care Wash (20ml) and Acne Skin Version Up (20ml)!

i think i can skip telling u how good is their BB Cream.. it’s really good!!! not only it have SPF 30++, it can hide pores, even out skin tone, provide good coverage, oil control, hydrates skin, prevent acne and also give u a natural rosy glow.. ain’t that better than best?? LOL!! If Vanity Trove hadn’t let us tried the sample bb cream, i think i would have defintely missed this baby out!! … in the end i still told you everything.. hahahahaha!Good stuff must be shared ya..!

As for the Pore Care Wash and Acne Skin Version Up, i have not tried them so cant comment much. But im confident they will be another good product too..! The girl who served me ytd explained these products very well (detailed and clear) and very patient with all my questions, tho i din ask much.. but she portray a very sincere attitude which i like.. btw, her name is Xiaoying.. 🙂 Thanks Xiao Ying! i’ll head back to Bishan BHG Ettusais counter to purchase my skincare from you after i clear my current stock !

This make up remover (30ml at S$10) not only can remove makeup, it can remove waterproof eye makeup too!! Wow.. that save mi many hassles..! Thanks Xiaoying again for recommending this to me! I’ll try it soon and review it here again! stay tune!!

& now.. surprise time… I’m now a member of Ettusais..! But i dono my log in ID and password .. or am i not one yet until i rec’d some email?? Xiaoying told mi that shopper spent S$40 will be entitled to be member of Ettusais..member’s benefit..? i forgot.. sorli~ >_

Xiaoying was kind enuff to let mi have some samples after i told her some problem im facing.. outbreaks.. oily T-one.. freckles.. and she recommended these to mi.. i used the white serum dual effect last night, and i find it quite good.. Tho i dun immediate see the whitening effect, but my skin feel light from all the cream cream vitamine.. very light.. definitely interested to find out more about this!

As for now, i’ll just continue to happily use my BB cream every morning!! :D:D:D


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