Because it’s Magic again!!

Took mi very long time to decide to open one.. cuz i’m really .. really.. i really hating that “so oily” fact!! HAHAHAHA!! But heard rumours about it being VERY OILY yet works like magic.. made mi finally opened my first pack!!

Indeed!! It’s VERY OILY! i applied EVERYWHERE on myself.. elbow, crack heels, knees, hand, hair and my lil pimple!! =X i think from abv pic u can see how oily it is.. LOL!! my first thot when i see the cream was like… “eew! wax!???” LOL!! i think the oiliness really scares mi off…

It took about 50-60mins for the “oil” to be absorb.. after i applied my EMC, i basically just sat on my sofa and watch my 9pm show till it ends! Ch8 was still showing <<狐理狐涂爱上她 >> at that time.. i just did my TM foot peeling mask not long ago, so my serious cracked heels aint that bad yet.. (ppl who knows mi will know that i have serious cracked heels) i took this opportunity to try EMC on my cracked heels and till now, my heels are still considerably NOT hard. If i were to say “soft”, i must be lying! my heels are crackled too badly to even be soft! LOL!

Smell?? it smells ok.. no fragrance.. but not smelly too.. BUT again, pls!, dun purposely put it so close to ur nose and smell it.. it still stink! Just use EMC normally, the smell is really a bearable one..

All in all, i think some things gotta be compromised if u wan to achieve some… “effect”?? so for this case, if u wan to remove scare, smoothen skin, blah blah blah.. (see my previous post HERE to find out more abt EMC) u gotta bear with the OIL!! seriously.. the oil is the killer part…. other than that.. it’s absolutely cool!


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