Happy Replacement!

Wow wow wow.. I’m impressed! Vanity Trove takes feedback seriously! And efficiently! Had dropped Victoria an email on Sunday night with regards to the Sunbrella leaking issue and I got my replacement the next day! Tho the time of delivery was a bit off but still glad to be able to get my replacement within such short period..! Allowing me to try my new VT product within the same week!! I’m a happy girl agn!!


See! My leaks-no-more Sunbrella and beloved summer checklist which was previously ruined by the mist.. I really like this checklist idea..! It allows mi to know what other may have gotten and what I have not.. <;3 <;3



Actually i find the design of the bottle quite innovative and i personally quite like the concept of it too. With a protective cap to prevent self from accidentally pressing it. But probably Enavose should work harder on improving it further (u know what I mean..)


I tried spraying some on my hand.. It feels a bit sticky but not oily.. Does not have any weird smell too.. About 5mins later the sticky feeling is gone..


Well.. Unknowingly I alr had 3 products from Enavose.. The first two (mask & youth guard) are from Bellabox and the UV Mist is from Vanity Trove.. Frankly speaking I loveee the black tea mask!!! It’s super hydrating and u can almost immediately feel the difference after u wash off ur mask…! I think I’m gona grab a regular size home..!


Now the next thing I wana share w u is this SKINC Jelly..! Hahaha.. It taste really not bad! First time u can enjoy ur supplement like hvg dessert!! The retail price for this is about $58 for 14 sachets.. And 14 days later u will see the difference… But oh well I think I’ll have my two sachets as dessert thn!! Yummy!!!


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