Utterly …. Unhappy!

From sad to disappointed.. Many ppl had gotten their June Trove since Monday.. but I have not.. It was stated on their site that subscriber shd expect their trove fr 21st to 25th of the month.. 26th juz past and I still dun see my Trove..

They claim that they had chg courier service and have some issue w them. Thus the delay. I can be very understanding.. But I feel that it’s a bit rude to not reply to emails. Its like subscribers are not being valued.. VT requested subscribers who have not rec’d their trove to email them but … I see no further action taken after that???? Aside that, I had also dropped them another email to enquire about some other things.. After the first reply.. I dun hear from them anymore..

I totally understand that they might be in a messy state to sort the courier issue now but shdnt them be more organised? Juz because of one courier service and none can handle/reply emails? this courier company muz really be something.. (Y) if they cont using this courier company.. I wonder next month will we face the same issue??

DISLIKE empty promises..


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