Purchase w Voucher!

Not sure if u can recall.. Organix was one of the brand i’d got in Mar Glamabox (last Glamabox too).. That time was a Moroccan Argen Oil Shampoo (click here & here to see posts).. And after using that shampoo, i grew interest in Sulfate Free products and went on to buy other type of Organix Shampoo (click here to see post). And now that i see their facial wash product.. how would i possibly missed it!!? especially at the time when i have most outbreak (which was about a month ago – purchase this trial kit quite some times back.) The facial wash was alright.. the toner was the interesting one.. spearmint.. can u image spearmint on your face?? YES! so cool and tingy if u happen to have a open wound (like fresh acne scar).. but quite refreshing i must say.. however, somehow i still feel quite oily after using this.. probably after i finish using this trial kit, i will not purchase again..

And this.. this is purchased with the S$5 LGH voucher i’ve got from my Flawless Beauty Bellabox (click here to see post). With that voucher.. i went to purchase my bigger bottle of lavender shower gel and an additional blue chamomile shampoo (for sensitive/itchy scalp) which i’ve been wanting.. I’m loving Lemongrass House!!

Shampoo/Shower gel: less than S$10 each (120ml). ^_^


This!!! Killer!! Have been wanting to utilize the S$2 voucher I got from my April Trove (click here to see post) but seems like most Guardian doesn’t carry too much of it and very coincidently anti-dandruff ones are always oos everywhr! Went to 3 Guardian outlets, none of them have it T_T! (oh btw, they carry anti-aging shampoo too, in case u think Phyto is too ex..) until I asked my mom to buy for mi at Junction 8’s Guardian, then she found my anti-dandruff shampoo..

AND I think there’s promo gg on! Buy 2 and get 1 Style shower gel free!! Thing is.. My mom can’t rmb if it is any 2 or must be 1 shampoo & 1 conditioner..

Shampoo/Conditioner: less than S$13 each (400ml). ^_^


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