Finally i got my spiderman collection.. Whole collection only consist of 6 colors + 1 shatter. and the best color (IMO), just nice, are all in this mini collection! Check out Scrangie’s Spiderman whole collection post HERE..

For some reason, without hesitation, i took the blue (Into The Night) one and started brushing my nails.. Into The Night is a metallic blue with a lil purple & light blue shimmer. It’s not a color that i would hate but doesn’t look like one color that i’ll wear often.. For this, one coat is definitely not good enuff to go.. Below is a little bit more about it as compared to other colors..

In this pic, i’m actually trying to show you how the number of coat will affect its color…

Pinkie: 1 coat. Very thin very transparent.

Ring Finger: 2 coats. Still abit see thru..

Middle Finger: 3 coats. good enuff, but can be better..

Index Finger: 4 coats. good to go! fully covered!

See.. after applying all fingers with Into the Night, how do u feel??

Next, i change my index finger and lil pinkie to the next color (Just Spotted The Lizard). Very pretty!!! i like it! one coat will be too gentle and cant really bring out the duochrome effect.. 2 coats, u will start to see the color changing under diff light. On my index finger, you can see it’s slightly more to greenish gold and lil pinkie is totally gold..

Now, i tried the other two color on the other hand..

Index & Ring finger: Number One Nemesis – this is my fave in this collection!!!! very bling bling yaa!? Its a multi color shimmering grey.. Multi color?? yes! Multi color.. it has pink, green and yellow shimmer.. the base grey is something near greenish gray.. but its not very green.. u will still see it as grey no matter how..

Lil Pinkie & Middlefinger: Your Web Or Mine? – frosted pink.. this is one of the color that will nvr suit mi due to my skin tone.. sigh.. and it really skill testing to stroke this onto ur nails as it will leave stroke trace… but i think regular polisher will not have any problem as this frosted pink isn’t really tt frost afterall…

Overall, i would say its still a good buy! This mini set can be purchase from Smoochiezz site (click HERE) or at their booth. Currently they have 2 booths, if I’m not wrong. One at Far East Plaza (until July) and the other one at Tanjong Pagar Exchange (for this booth i’m not too sure until when). And this mini is only selling at $18!! good deal?? or not?? U decide!


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