Skin & Lab

Doctor’s care at home… Just when I least expected it, here comes.. Haha! (tho I wished it was Bellabox when I heard a knock on my door.)



Other thn products I purchased, I was also given plenty of samples!!! Hahaha.. Generous seller! After sorting them out, below is a better pic of wat samples I’ve got.. Pretty much of moisturizer, toner & essence..


Next few pic will be more on products that I had purchased.. (just some random comment.. I don know if u feel the same.. But I feel safer shopping in gmarket, which is now known as Qoo10, than in eBay..)



The abv item is an Acne Cream.. Bought this cuz I had overboard outbreak last few weeks.. I almost thot that’s it for my face!!! Tho now they are slightly better but I think hvg one of this cream around will be safer!

This is a clear cream/gel.. No scent, no color, no oily or sticky feeling. I only tried a teeny weeny bit at the back of my hand.. And .. No complains bout it yet! 🙂



Ok, now this is a moisturizing toner/mist. Spray from a distance, it’s a mist. Wet it on ur cotton pad and tap on ur face, it’ll be a toner! It can also be used together! First, spray it on ur face thn used a toner-wet cotton pad and tap on ur face..

Again I tried this on my hand.. Took me a while to finally realize this familiar scent is something citrus. Guess that’s the scent of Vitamin C!? On my hand, I din feel the stickiness but somehow I feel that it will turn out different on my face.. I know I had been saying this ample times.. But again I’m gona say.. Let me comment again once I start using it…! Hahahahah!!!




Last but not least is my, in short, moisturizer! In detailed, it’s a Vitamin Cream that acts similarly like a moisturizer. This is a Vitamin C cream that has brightening effect.. Which means.. Can lighten spot!! Key word “spot”!! Cure for my freckles!! oh well.. Nth can really heal freckles but still hope this works! Wahahahaa!!!

There are other type of vitamin cream too! Vit A, Vit B, Vit C, Vit E, etc… Let mi go get the info when I log on to my com next time!! I’m on mobile WP now.. Hahaha!!

Till then.. Cya!!!!


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