Hair Spa-ty w Mommy!



Here we are! PHYTO Hair Spa at Wheelock Place. A treat from Vanity Trove May limited edition Trove for Mother! I remember seeing fr smwhr, VT said that this May trove is specially picked for Mother. As in picked according to mother type of taste. So I suppose no matter what I rec’d, it also wun suit mi! Hahahahaha!!! =P


Upon our arrival, we were greeting by a few staff here.. One to register, one to serve u drink, one to provide consultation.. Quite friendly..


At a sitting corner, this is the first interior that you will see.. no diiference from a salon.. but, its more than that…a left turn, you will see a little consultation room with a little, i dono wat’s that called, scalp scanner(!???) and a PC. i suspect this (below pic) is my mom scalp! hahaha! cuz she went in the room before me!



That is how the customer profile looks like.. Very friendly consultant.. As she scanned my scalp, she asked a few qn about my diet, my fluid consumption, lifestyle, etc.. she not only tells me what type of treatment i will be receiving later, she also explain to me about the hair cycle and .. Wat i can recall to share is.. an average person has 25 hair cycles. To complete 1 cycle, it takes 3 years.. Something like that… that means, average person will still have hair growth up to 75 years old. Just a matter of more or less. Also, it’s advisable to use organic shampoo as commercial shampoo are quite harmful. Esp those that promised smooth and silky hair. Because what gives you this smooth and silky effects are just silicon.. silicon are bad for our scalp. it will clog up those…. “pore”.. i dono wat’s that HOLE ur hair grow from called!! hahaha.. So, it’s better to use organic ones..

Consultant also advise.. try to use warm water when we begin our shower. Warm water can helps to wash away the excess oil from our scalp and switch to cold water when we’re almost done. Cold water can close up the pores.. i think this is almost a similar theory like skincare..

After all the explaination and consultation, i’m brought to a pte dark room.




With OTO massage chair, TV and mommy waiting for mi..!! She has already picked her movie when i went in.. Horror show in such embiance .. gosh.. brave mommy! I’m so happy they have Twilight Breaking Dawn.. I haven get to see it since the day it screens!

As i get sitted, a hair therapist starts to give me a little information of she’s going to do..

“ok, now i’m going to apply this XXXX on your scalp.. you will feel abit cooling..”

“now i’m gona put this hair mask on your hair ends..”

and i’m just noding away as im too excite for my twilight to get started!

Can’t really recall what was done, but this 2.5hrs seems to pass very fast! essential oil upper back message.. head massage.. hair shampoo.. hair treatment.. hair mask.. blow dry.. and done! gosh! hahaha.. ALSO!! i get to finish watching my Breaking Dawn too! aaaaw!!!! >_<


See!! mommy doing hair mask steaming! (sorry for this blurry pic! it was too dark in there and i need to brighten this pic thus effect was bad..) Hope she enjoys this Spa session..


Thanks to PHTYO & VANITYTROVE, we get a chance to enjoy a different type of spa experience..


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