Saint George.. Zip it up!

Finally i found a suitable color to goes with my zippie water decal!!! Guess which color!?? Erm… Maybe not! It’s already named in the title.. >_<

Once again i wana say.. A-England ROCKZ!!!! SMOOTH application! no clog no bald and high shine (tho my pic may not be very true abt this point)! I really love A-England polish more than any other brand! For this i must thank Mei Mei’s Signature for bringing in such a good polish to share!


The above pic you see is only a one coat application of Saint George!!… YES! just ONE coat!! Very solid right!?? man! this is gorgeous!! I must admit.. due to my BIG OBSTRUCTION (tummy) i had a hard time taking good photo of it!! But nevertheless you can google it or u can click HERE to see Mei Mei’s upload..

Saint George.. a very gorgeous color.. In short i would say its a holo-green polish. But to me “Holo” is sth like Nfu-oh, Glitter Girls, whr u can see rings of colorful holo.. but this one.. hmm.. probably a diff type of holo.. a holo shimmer perhaps?? LOL! doesn’t matter.. to me it’s be prettiest green i ever had.. a very opaque deep green with bits of blue & green & orange(?) shims.. Almost like Tristam.. You will like it if u love Tristam!



Anyway, after im done w my polish, i started working on my water decal.. (Click HERE to see my previous post on how to use a water decal..) This time round i only applied water decal on my big toe.. the rest are too small to “zip” it up..

Final product…?



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