My Humble Bee


Just like the title.. this two lil bees are my new friends..!! ain’t they cute? probably a little not so perfect.. but im sure practise practise practise will do the trick!

For this nail art, i used mainly China Glaze’s Happy Go Lucky and OPI’s Black Onyx.

Happy Go Lucky is a bright fresh looking yellow. The bright here is not luminous kinda bright so not too worry if it will be too attention seeking. If i were to be more precised, i think this yellow has a teeni weeni bit of orange tone as compared to a true yellow. Just a little! not too much.. As for Black Onyx, like the name, it’s just black polish! haha.. very solid black. just one coat and u can be done.


Ok, first thing first.. paint ur nails w base coat (to protect them!) before you apply Happy Go Lucky! In the pic, i used 2 coats for all nails except my BIG toe (3 coats). Then let it dry..


Get you dotting tool and Black Onyx ready! we are gg to draw our humble bee now! I dot the flying trace on my big toe first (just 3 dots will do) then i continue using my dotting tool to draw an oval shape (bee’s body outline). Within the oval shape, stripe both ends and center with black (so that u will have a black head, a black buttock and a black stripe in the middle)! Now we’re done with the body.

Proceeding to draw the wings now.. Wings are much easier. just draw a letter “m” on the oval shape body and filled it with white polish using your dotting tool. Any white polish is fine, but u probably wouldn’t want it to be too sheer. For my case, i used China Glaze White On White. A very solid white. Other then the white wings, we will need to give our bee an EYE to see the world, to see whr it’s flying to.. So now, dot a white dot on the bee head. (u decide whr’s the head! Just make sure it’s flying in the right direction! HAHAHA!). Now, our humble bee’s body is completed!!

The flying trace.. we’ll just need to create the bee’s trace on our other toes.. u decide how u want your bee to fly.. Just use a dotting tool and black onyx and start dotting the trace..


Now that everything is completed, lets seal it up with a top coat! If you wish, you can also use a microshimmer glitter to beautify it before applying your top coat. i did it this way but the pic is not showing it very well.. LOL!

And.. TA-DAA~~ your humble bee is completed and done! If this post is too hard for u to digest, NO FEAR! Click HERE is see my previous post (video tutorial by cutepolish)..


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