May Spring’s Special Trove!

*OMG* my first paragraph got WIPED OUT!!! now i need to re-write again!!!! (my IE stopped working and my post got saved haywired-ly!!!!)

Spring Special~! May Trove, that’s wat VTeam calls it.. It’s a limited edition Trove specially for Mothers’ Day~! This trove will be slightly costlier than the regular Trove (S$25). It cost S$35 per Trove but the items in it is worth for 2 pax~ well.. im all excited for it now.. (u mite not feel my excitement BECUZ IM ACTUALLY RE-WRITING MY POST!! 😦 how sad!! but im truely excited about my May Trove!!!)

Too lazy to explain how Vanity Trove works again.. below are some info i hope will be helpful!

For the VanityTab, if i’m not wrong, you can redeem one Trove with 2500 credits..

You can also check out HERE to see what they have given out past months.. From what i see, they are quite generous (well, we’re paying quite a sum here, i bet the samples can’t be too low cost..) in gifting.. they have Clinique, SKII, OPI, KOSE, Biotherm, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Leaders Clinic and Astalift..

Visit their Facebook or click HERE to subscribe to your very own Vanity Trove.

To find out more about Bellabox, click HERE.. 🙂


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