I don’t give a rotterdam.. seriously!

Have i showed you guys my previous nail color?? hee! i like it a lot man! It’s OPI’s latest collection (that time, i think now the latest is the ballet one), Holland!!

ok.. this picture shows too much blue of rotterdam.. the actual thing on my nails are not so blue.. i mean, it is blue.. but not a bright light blue.. its more to a pale calm blue with loads of silver micro-shimmer..! i think u can google it for a more accurate pic..

i think i will try out the green (I Have A Herring Problem) one next time.. they are both from Holland collection and almost the same finish, with silver micro-shimmer.. difference..? one’s green and the other’s blue!

and i must say… this is the FIRST color that caught my attention when i first browse Holland collection!! indeed.. it din disappoint mi!!!!

And now i’m back to basic.. 🙂


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