Early Morning

accompanied my dad to KTPH for his eye check up .. everything is fine.. and now.. I’m super slpy! BUT i still wana share some updates with you..

Last evening, i went to Liang Court @ Clarke Quay for my dinner.. and then i decided to head to a $2 japanese shop.. this shop sells eveything at $2!! (except for some cup noodle) we spent about half an hour der looking ard touching everything we got curious with.. AND THEN!! i saw sth waving at mi.. i din want to get them at first. but the more i see the more i think i shd give it a try… end up, i bought home w mi ………..

a nail polish!! its cheap! only $2! and its had wide brush too! probably the only negetive is.. limited colors (in the store)! the color i bought is a shimmering red.. it has more of pink & light blue microshims and bits of yellowish light green & silver microshims..

I don have powerful cams to show u how shimmer it is but serious i had no regrets buying this! “Cheap and Good” does applies in the case! hahaha totally in love with it till i find some flaws! Below is another pic from different lighting.. pardon the poor resolution! hahaha! just wanted to do a quick snapshot and head for my hot shower! hahaha! …. ooh! almost forgot to mentino!! this color is applied over my previous polish, Simply Smashing (gold color by OPI, Serena Glam Slam collection)

I went online to check out the site provided on the bottle.. seems like  they have a few colors too! you can visit www.dobest.co.jp to find out more.. they sell cosmetic as well.. for eye for lips for face..! Explore the web abit.. For ppl who understand Japanese, probably u can find something interesting there..

Below is the color i bought actually…

I don’t understand the japanese written there.. hopefully one fine day some one would read translate that for mi.. 😀


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