Black and white

I’m cracking my head again on what art to draw on my nails .. i need a simple one! i went youtube to look around and i narrowed down to this two! they are not new design in the market but its gona be my first attempt! The reason for choosing this two is because.. they are only a two-color nail art and i think i can easily match a color that i want for the art.. esp the muscial note..

i would also like to share another masterpcs, of the same person, that my sis showed mi the other day.. Lace Art..

I must say.. this lady (cutepolish) she have very nice and simple tutorial for beginners like us.. very simple steps and beautiful art.. Click HERE to see more of her tutorials..

Update on 26 Jan 2013: My sincere apologies! seems like i cant link (some) actual video here anymore from cutepolish! i don’t know why.. but trust me, you can still click the video link to access her tutorial in youtube! 😀 They are all  as great!


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