Quick one!

ok.. i think i have not shown you my latest nail art that i tried doing.. this time its not any linear or polka dots.. its an insect. erm wait.. ladybug an insect rite?? *raise brow* its a simple nail art that doesnt need much skills in fact..

I know i know… u muz be thinking y is my ladybug shaking!!!?? LOL. this is the result of bad nail day! i had try many colors last weekend but nth turn out nice.. shaky hands.. spoiler accidents.. then i decided to gv up and just try doing something that i saw on youtube the other day.. which is this ladybug! you can watch the youtube tutorial HERE.

When i wanted to do this.. i realise… i do not have a black polish! so i pull out my thin brush art polish to TRY painting sth!

Index finger: i used my new Essie Too Too Hot as base color because i wanted a more vibrant looking bug.. then i used my thin brush polish to start drawing and dotting tools to start dotting.. and result is wat u see…

Middle finger: i don know wat am i thinking.. i tot dotting mite be easier to draw the lines, so i starting dotting throughout!! result!! jaggered bug!

i did some photo effect so what u see here mite not be true to color..

20 Mar 2012: adding a tutorial video by cutepolish here to share. This is whr im inspired, but i think she’ll wana cry if she get to see this! wat a shaky ladybug i have here!! LOL!!

Update on 26 Jan 2013: My sincere apologies! seems like i cant link actual video here anymore from cutepolish! i don’t know why.. but trust me, you can still click the video link to access her tutorial in youtube! 😀 They are all  as great!


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