Intl Women Day

TODAY.. i rec’d my Mar Bellabox! super excited about it!! Been longing for it since i rec’d my first Bellabox!!! Good thing is.. it did not disappoint me!! seriously it did NOT! hahahaa! ok no more nonsence.. let me show you what i’ve got in my Mar box!!!

Before i go into details i must say… when i got my box, the weight of it makes mi wonder.. “is there more items in it this month…??” cuz its like kinda heavier than last mth! LOL! and after i opened it up, indeed i got shock.. not only its heavier, the packaging inside is nicer this time.. and it comes w a $50 Dermalogica gift voucher! dun be too happy.. this voucher is only redeemable on facial treatment priced at $100 and above only.. so it is as good as none to me.. Now.. i shall show you what’s inside!! heee~!!

Hand, Nail & Cuticle Creme – just tried this.. seems not bad! my hand feels smooth now.. as smooth as when i put on Crabtree & Evelyn’s hand lotion! but this is better (IMO) as it tackles nails & cuticle too! mi loveeee~! A point to note: its not oily…. really not oily..if u have a crabtree lotion.. u will understand this not oily feeling..! love this even more now.. AND before i forgets.. it smells great too.. i guess because it has lavender content so the scent is definitely there..

OK! this is a bit tough.. i hvn read up wat is this… let mi do my homework and update you guys after i find out wat is this for… HAHAHA! nvrtheless, feel free to enlighten mi about this!! =P

Dermalogical Special Cleansing Gel –  if i did not rmb wrongly.. i think i had used this before LOOONG ago! what’s more can u say about derma’s product?? they’re good stuff ok! it is effective and also expensive! LOL! u can see result after use.. but the down side is… once u stop using, all your “problems” will come back very fast.. meaning u gotta continue to use their product.. and due to the high cost… i dropped off halfway.. But it is really a good brand.. at least to mi (& my mom)…

LUS Lip Gloss – this comes just in time.. i was looking for a gloss earlier at Junction 8.. but couldnt decided which color to get so i went home empty handed.. and now.. i have my new lip gloss.. From the bottle, it looks like some orangie gloss with shimmers.. but when u put it on, its actually quite a nude shade.. mi like too! hahaha!! and the shimmer makes ur lips 亮晶晶!! OH!! u know what? i got a shock when i twist open the gloss..

are u able to spot anything special?? lol!! ok.. hint… look at the cap! when u open, the cap will light up.. DUN ask mi y or how.. i got no idea.. it just lighted up! hahahahaha!! so cool! this is sth special and i had not seen before.. i showed it to my mom and she’s amazed too.. hahaha!! (suddenly we’re like two caveman! – sua gu!)

Royal Herb Cream (with pure gold flakes) – well.. another cream for skin renewal, but this is with gold flakes..! i din take the pic of it but the gold flakes in it are not little.. haha! reasonable at least.. and as per the info given together, this is 100% oil-free and 100% plant-based ingredients.. haven try too… my face cant take too much things at once.. !

THIS!!! is a complimentery sample pack i guess.. overnight repair serum.. seems good! hahhaa!! again.. how bad can a derma product be.. LOL!!

Conclusion, i love my Mar Bellabox!! Hope Apr Bellabox will be as good or even better!! Also, hope to see my (last) Glamabox arrived next week!!


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