Back date!

i think im doing quite a number of back dated post today! so i’ll be going straight to point!

Polish with a touch of rose scent! i rec’d this quite some time back.. (when i had my nail decal on period) it really have rose scent wor! but.. din last long.. probably 1-2 days and the scent is gone.. but think of it.. who will 闲着没事一天到晚 smell ur own fingers!?!?  LOL! anyway, to try this out, i grabbed my mom feet for sampling!! ive got no more nails to spareeee!!

when ppl say u shd get polish at least 2 tone darker than ur complexion, its true! this light pink makes my mom’s feet looks dirty.. =X i think it will be the same on me.. cuz im darker then my mom… O_O!!


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