So looking fwd to my LUXE-ury lil feet spa!! Been sooo long I stepped into a nail spa! LuxeWomen is my First visit of the year!! Well.. Got “motivated” to visit Luxe cuz of a great deal from $48 for a ultimate feet therapy! This therapy included paraffin wax, some whitening mask and one next-visit-treatment-voucher (I can only rmb my paraffin wax treatment!!)


I muz say.. They hv very nice interior despite its location.. I’m not saying it has got bad location.. But in an old estate u can find such glamorous shop its indeed shiok!!! They have spacious seats which are also very cozy!! Tv at a very good angle! Not too high not too low!! Very nice lighting too..! A very pink shop!! Light pink hot pink dark pink to red… I love this shop! Hahaha!

Juz 15mins ago I’m doing my paraffin treatment!! IT’S SO HOT!!! But the manicurist (her name is Fiona) is very patient very 贴心! She do it slowly and always telling mi wat she’s gona do next and so on…


After a while i guess i got used to the heat and it’s not hot animore.. And i heard from Fiona that many customer came for this paraffin treatment.. 🙂 When it’s done, U will have a baby soft feet… Hee.. BABY SOFT!!! Lolx!!


Hee! I chose this design! But I changed the color to red instead..! And without tt flower.. I don wan to destroy any beautiful art whn I put on my walking shoes…

Well… Let’s wait and see how the pedicure will be… *excited*

Ok! Here is my cute lil red checkers!!!



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