Tempted to compare!

I have 4 similar colours…!!! Am I crazy for this tone or wat!?!! Hahahaha..! Coincidence purchase la!! It’s only when I brought home my CG high hopes thn I realize this amazing finding!


Well.. Since I have them, I decided to do a simple comparison! Not too complex as im not a professional nail blogger anyway.. Chey~~ hahaha! (pardon mi! I muz be slpy! Blogging at the hour is a struggle! *yawn*) I took photos of my nails aft applying the every coat..

Names of the polish had been indicated in the photo so I will not be introducing them again.. You can do a google search if you would like to have more details..

Well, applying all these first coat made mi falls in love with Essie almost immediately! It’s so solid ! I think 1 coat is more than enuff! The red looks young and cheery but not childish!! U wun look like one “ah lian” when wearing Too Too Hot! Hahahaha!! (Now I know y Essie is so hot!) Love this new babe!! 2nd in my favorite list is OPI’s latest Holland Collection, Red Lights Ahead… Where?!! Din expect to like this colour tho… I think the color is very very close to Too Too Hot!! Putting both together I would say TTH is a sweeter tone of red (probably not too obvious in my pic) while RLH is more to bright red? And both have a teeni weeni touch of deep orange.. That makes both.. Orangie red.. The common term ppl use to describe this kinda red I guess would be “coral red”…

(Gona turn in now… Shall cont tmr!!!!! Stay tune!! Lol!)

China Glaze High Hope is also another color that got mi so excited to the extend of walking back to the stall to grab one after I see my sis applying it!!!! The eye catching orangie hot pink is definitely a no-regret buy for mi!!! 1 coat is good as well!!!

As compared to these 3, I’m His Coral-Friend seems to hv lose out a bit here.. The lacquer is much ‘thinner’ than the others.. As u can see, juz one coat ain’t enuff; nail tip is still visible.. But it sure is a multipurpose color. LOL! Y I say that?? Cuz its color look so gentle yet so bright.. It seems to be able to bring out that lil naughtiness under your gentle character! Lolx!

What u see above is after applying the 2nd coat.. What do u think??? Not much a diff for Too Too Hot, High Hope & Red Lights Ahead… Where? .. But for Coral-Friend, I believe u now can see that it’s slight thicker and nail tip not that obvious now..

Think I’m gona do Essie Too Too Hot some day soooooon!!


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