DA BIG TUMMY #700: Wingz in a Pan!

Ok!! This is exciting!!! I’ve got a request for my signature honey wingz tdy!! Lolx! Was “sponsored” 20 bucks to get everything! Hahahaa!! More thn enuff!!!


Marinating~ Mixing~ Tossing~ all my soul and heart in it!!! I call this my…. Signature duoWingz! Honey & Salted!!! Secret ingredient is only… Sincerity and love! Hahaha! Ok, getting bc to biz! The recipes? Simple!

Honey Wingz: wingz + honey + salt.
Salted Wingz: wingz + salt + pepper.

**Do note tt salted wingz are oven baked without oil! (the wingz will “release” it’s own oil.. U wun wana eat wing tt are swimming in a pool of oil ya??)


And indeed, practice makes perfect!!! These wingz are near perfect alr!!!!! Totally YUMMILICIOUS!! Tender meat.. Not too dry not too raw not too over cooked! Ahhh wat can be better!!? (am I tooo self praise??? >__< Hee!!)


Well.. I think the best ingredient in the world is love! Anything made w love is worth every bite! Try it next time.. 😉


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