Proudly Presents….



My very first BellaBox(!) from!!!!!

In Bellabox, you will get 5 of the latest prestige, boutique and cult beauty products from around the world every month after you subscribed.. at a fee of S$15.00 monthly.. if you subscribe 12 months at one go, you’ll get 1 month free! Instead of paying S$180 ($15x12months), u now pay S$165! and i suppose the reward point is S$1 for 1 point..


My Bellabox comes via Registered Mail! so actually S$15.00 is inclusive of RM, worth it huh!? RM usually cost additional S$2.50 so that makes it… *calculating* S$12.50 per box! AND YOU CAN GET LATEST PRODUCT!! (i dun usually do regular shopping for cosmetic nor beauty product, so i cant gaurantee they are LATEST.. but i can say, the items that i rec’d, i definitely love them more than Glamabox! – Glamabox comes with 5 beauty product as well. However, sadly, i don see the items very useful to me.. Altho i’m fat, i don fancy slimming soup or nutribar and because im fat, i don see a need in bust enhancement or lipo cream.. i guess out of the 5 items, facial mask is the most practical item to me- esp Xmas Box’s mask!!)


I cant wait to open up my bellabox whn i got it!! and i must say, despite the lower price (than Glamabox), the box is in good quality! now i can keep boxes for future use! Teehee!! ^^ Like i mention, there will be 5 items in each box… and i think not many ppl will have the same box cuz its handpicked according to your profile when you sign up… so in my first box, I’ve got………………..


– Sample smokey eye shadow! (haven’t really try so i cant tell if it is good or bad.. but im wondering.. “how bad can a shadow goes???”)

– Waterproof eyeshadow and gel eyeliner – abit greenish golden or dark dirty yellow tone, depending how u see it.. (will take a picture of it when i return home..) **ok, i’ve finally got the pictures done! 🙂 and now you can see the tone i am referring.. looking at it again, i think that it had a dark grey tone as well.. wat do you think?



– Sample La Peria Divine Eau de Toilette (this smells GREAT!! i’m wearing this today and i’m feeling SEXY!!! hahahahaha!!!! shall get a regular size botl when i have the chance!)

– Hydra Sebum (haven’t really study how to use this, but it looks like it can do magic.. something to do with 保湿!hydrate~ dehydrate~ hydrate~ dehydrate~ hiak hiak!)

– Body Serum (tried this last nite.. well.. dripped a few drops on my hand, applied like a lotion.. and its smells like.. roses? WILD roses blend with greens!? i can’t describe this smell.. Its not a typical nice sweet rose fragrance but it smells like those roses you get from a florist.. FRESH roses!? i feel as if im in a nursery…! quite relax in fact! WAIT.. but this thing is suppose to moisturize ur body (for my case, hand)…… >_<  I’ll try again tonight!! LOL~)

Well i hope my next BellaBox can be as great! Definitely looking fwd to my next BB!!


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