My First Water Decal!! *elated*

Im amazed with e result last night! I din expect water decal turned out so user-friendly!

I always thot water decals are:
– filmsy
– easily torn
– not sticky
– messy

It turns out…
– easy to apply
– alignment can be adjusted easily. REALLY easy! (5 star for this!!)
– best is.. unlike sticker’s stickiness, u need not be afraid tt e decal will stick to anything it comes into contact with! especially when u accidentally drop it, sweat not that it will stick on the floor!


I’m really falling for Water Decal!! It’s really easy to use.. just soak it in water (not need to stir or watever, just leave it in water.. that’s all).. then rub out the decal and place it over your nails (wet nails preferred, IMO).. then u are free to adjust any angle or alignment u wan.. top left bottom right center..! just make sure u keep ur nails wet to shift it.. once its dry, shifting will be impossible.. because IT”S DRY! U need ur decal to stay after all right? hahahaha! once done, apply top coat over it.. For my case, since i have a hair dryer, i make full use of it.. blow them dry, before and after top coat!

With water decal, im sure i wun waste any more nail art! no more “mis-aimmed” incident, no more wrong angle incident, no more polish peeled incident from sticker removal (u know when u pull out the sticker from you nails to re-stick it back cuz the position is not where u wanted?? argg! ).. water decal is really convenient x 100 for me, especial when i’m having a bad shaky hands day!!

Water decal can be purchased from Mei Mei’s Signature at S$3.50 each.. Lots of design to choose from.. cartoon (smurf, spongebob, hello kitties).. Christmas.. CNY.. Chinese Painting.. Butterflies.. Feathers.. Ribbons.. Classic (dots, lines, spiral)..  i bought mine from MMS too..! delivery is definitely FAST! That’s another reason why i love purchasing from her.. Also, her prompt friendly reply nvr fails to make me feel close to her..! Reliable, efficient seller! (5 stars!)

Btw, my base color is MMS house brand Suesa Polish (number 10)… got this as a gift when i enter one of her nail art contest (click HERE to see the nail art).. i remember reading some where about how SueSa came about .. it’s actually Suede + S…… (oops!) = SueSa.. it has big brush for easy application and wat i like about SueSa is… any chipped or damaged of the polish on ur nails, it is NOT obvious at all..!! Thus i need not be very precise when applying.. i can easily apply this on both hands without much effort! Aint that goooood!??


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