It’s my all time favourite make up “equipement”.. Had started with a pencil.. and, before gel was known, a liquid liner.. and finally my first gel liner (not really first, but second.. u’ll know why!)

PENCIL: my very first eye pencil was those that requires a sharpener!! HOW antique~! but it was convenient and i love it.. and slowly.. i got upgraded to using KATE (by Kanebo) Refillable! how convenient again! HAHA! been using for quite some time until black color went out of stock island wide~ T_T and i got myself a brown refill which is the most bottom one you see in the above pic.. very light color.. dun really fancy it.. and that is when i have the thot of.. “Time for a change..” and before i can take action.. my mom returned home w BAD NEWS!

“你的 Kate discontinued!”

*drop jaw!!* sigh.. now i really need to find one…. and my mom was kind enuff to get mi a replacement pencil liner, again from Kate.. but this type, no refill..

LIQUID: as the word reads.. liquid.. its a liquid liner.. Well, this is the second liquid type i own.. this first one is… couldnt rmb anymore.. HA! but this is cool! This liner, i do not need to dap dap dap to let my brush filled w ink.. its now more like an auto liquid liner.. hahaha! but seriously.. i still cant really get a hand of liquid liner (any type)… it’s dun seems very… 顺手 to me! the brush dun seems to go my way when im rushing! and i always need the aid of a pencil liner bef i can actually apply a liquid liner.. how pathetic… T_T but again *touch wood* this Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner is still.. so far so good!

GEL: went online.. started running in and out of gmarket! u know when ur budget is running low but u know u need an eyeliner.. but again.. u know u shd stop spending!! GRR.. and in the end.. my hand took charge.. after a few clicks, Tony Moly gel eyeliner got delivered to my place… Seriously.. why TM out of so many brand you mite asked.. i had tried BobbiBrown bef.. it’s great.. i love it.. but my skin doesnt.. it turns out.. im allergic to BB.. T_T and had to gv away my BB gel liner.. so i continue looking around and found TM.. one thing i like abt it is that i do not need to get a seperate brush for my liner.. it comes together.. How convenient, yes, again… hahaha! i love convenient things!!!

This pic on the left is the TM Gel liner i applied on my right eye.. it’s almost as easy to apply as pencil.. or at least to me, it is like this.. and the color is as sharp as liquid liner.. ok my drawing skill may not be perfect but i still think it is nice!!! isnt it!?? HAHAHAHA!!

I think im already in love with gel liner!!! I’m gona get a GEL PENCIL soon too!! one thing to mention.. GEL liner is also smudge proof, or was it just TM?

Now can you guess which is which?? haha!!

(From left to right: TM Gel, Maybelline Liquid, Kate Pencil black/brown)

Now this pic is a “rub-experiment” after applying all four eyeliners… Now u see which is smudge-proof? Just one rub and everything is clear enuff… haha! oh man! i love GEL~

I shall post a “How to” soon when i have the time… 😀


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