Body Type & Chart

Thought it would be nice to share something that i find it useful… (tho not many ppl know about this blog of mine! LOL~!) Know ur body type.. and u will be able to 穿出自我!

Below info is grapped from one of the plus size apparel site.. (which obviously i forgot which site!) Hope it will be useful for ladies who wants to change their wardrobe! even no plans to change, it’s also good to know!

It did made my online shopping (for apparel) a lot easier!!

Also, below chart may be useful if you wanna do some online shopping! i guess you mite already be more expert than i do!! wahahaha~! Got this chart from a online blog shop which i patronize quite often! If u’re like mi, a plus sizer and 正在伤脑筋 whr to go get pretty clothes at affordable price, then you shouldn’t be missing this out, ! Go take a look and you might find something u like! 别走宝咯!!

Last but not least……… we wear shoes too isn’t it!!? Take a look at below chart and u can start to make ur way to get ur first pair of online purchased shoe! Another quick note to add!! Sizes in (mm) are actually equivalent to Korea size..


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