Sunday Brunch

My Yummy Sunday Brunch!! this is my second time visiting this restaurant! HIGHLY recommended!! and RESERVATION is strictly advised! hahaha! you won’t wana wait too long for good food! hahaha! tho u mite not mind~!

We ordered 烧肉..炸大肠..炸豆腐..鱼翅汤饺..腊味白罗卜糕..奶皇流黄沙包..叉烧包..鲜虾猪肠粉.. and of cuz the usual siew mai, har kao, pork rib, chicken feet, egg tart!! oh and oh and!! 带子炒生面!! love the 生面!! love the 大肠!! love the 烧肉!!! i just love it la!!! cant wait to re-visit them again!!

and one thing… excellent service and service excellence! hahaha! they organise their staff well.. very well… and make no customer feel neglected! Attention near 100% yet you wun feel them doing nothing like some slacker!!

Seriously, gv it a try! you’ll love it.. or least wun hate it… ^___^  … did i mention the restaurant’s name?? lolx…

Imperial Treasure Restaurant! they have many outlet.. like Great World City, Paragon, Ngee Ann City, ION, Marina Bay Sands, TripleOne Somerset, Tampines.. and guess wat.. Sentosa too! Even Asia Square is gona hv one soon!! and and!! They do steamboat too! @ TripleOne Somerset outlet.. oh man! gotta really try that someday!


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