Tony Moly

Yes!! Finally rec’d my TM pdts!! not tt i waited for a loooong time.. just tt im too eager to use it!! Had started using few items! ok.. let mi roughly go thru them from left to right!

5 bottle-like pack lying flat are facial masks.. Wild Ginseng (Contain saponin & jinsenoside, prevents acnes, soothing and protects against aging), Lemon (Vitamin C concentrate, provide hydration and nutrients), Milk (Moisturizing and conditioning, contain milk proteins, leave skin radiant and soft), Wine (Contain wine extracts, boost elasticity & vitality on fatigued skin) and Citron (Vitamin C from citron fruits, revitalised tired skin)! like all other mask, just leave on for 15-20 mins aft u had washed ur face! Then remove it and gently tap the remaining essence on your face for better absorption! (i suppose most sheet mask works this way?!)

Next on the list is TOMATOX brightening mask! Well, this is unlike normal mask.. For this, you will have to apply on dry face and gently massage in circular motion then rinse off after approximately 3-5mins! Was advised to rinse off using warm water..

Next to it is MY NEW FAVE! FRESH AQUA TEAR DROP GEL CREAM! This works almost the same like your moisturizer and its oil-free watery type! Needless for mi to tell u hw to use it ya?! Wahahahaa! Had started using this on the day i rec’d it (7 June)! & guess wat! i fall in love with it almost immediately! My mom had a feel of it (touched my face) and agree w mi! Smooth skin! can’t stop caressing my face!!  LOLX!! i know i shdnt!!! DIRTY hands!!! but i guess the effect mite varies.. cuz mom applied some on her face and… she ‘feedbacks’ that feels nothing but mild heat on her cheeks.. i guess my cheek are TOO DRY till this thing works on mi?? well.. u can gv it a try too if u hv dry U-zone like mi! OHOH!! it also helps to control excess sebum secretion.. 🙂 love it max!!

In front of my Aqua Tears is EGG PORE SET! i bought it seperately! White one (Black head out oil gel) @ Bugis J. and Beige one (Pore tightening / minimizing) @ Gmarket! still cant really see how effective it works but hv a frn feedback tt the pore minimizing one (Beige) is good!

Last but not least.. the little orange u see, its a TANGERINE WHITENING HAND CREAM~ do i need to explain more??? it already spell out its function! WHITENING!!! hahah!! kinda smell like the said-to-be tangerine scent! Y “said-to-be”?? cuz i feel that the scent is nearer to grapefruit scent!? hahaha!! looking fwd to see how effective this whitening cream can whiten mi! hahahaa!!

The rest that are not mention, they are all free gift (mask.. lotion.. cleanser.. minitint!)  from seller [SHOWROOM]! Quite a reliable one! Respond fast! Deliver fast! and… most importantly!! A very sincere seller!! Definitely recommend buyer to buy from [SHOWROOM]!! Visit gmarket and search for them.. i think they sell mostly beauty products! Good buy!


2 thoughts on “Tony Moly

  1. oh the egg is cute. First look, i tot its a masturbating toy for man. Dunno if u have see before. Silicone material. ha.

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