♥Happy Fingers♥

IMG_5668 IMG_5160 H097 H096 H095 20140718-142541-51941113.jpg H089 20140117-234637.jpg IMG_9670 20140103-222756.jpg 20131116-230641.jpg H83 nail H081 H080 Pink Panther H076 H075 H074 H073 IMG_4318 IMG_4301 IMG_4322 20130728-201451.jpg 20130728-201506.jpg 20130618-232259.jpg   20130515-221513.jpg    IMG_0245   20130210-005321.jpg   H55                                    

Here are some arts that i drew it on my nails. Everyone can do it and even better because i’m not a professional! 🙂

Click on the picture to see relevant blog post about it.. But not all pictures are linked to a post.

Check out ♥Happy Toes♥ for more nail art on your toes!


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