My stash of… Lipcolors (2016)

YEH! I’m writing again! I’ve haven’t been sharing much on makeup product this year isn’t it, especially lip color!

I’ve been kinda into lip color (again) lately but the thing is I usually put them on only in the morning. I don’t do touch up, I don’t bring them out.. LOL! Anyway, that’s beside the point. Nice color must still be shared!


And so… here are the latest collection I have.. Enough to create different look for 2 weeks!! *pout*

Today post, I will only be sharing with my favorite few out of this 12 sticks!


Let’s start with something new ..



Maybelline – this is definitely not my first gradient lip stick! My first was from VDL. It was pretty sheer and girls who love natural look wold probably love it (you can check it out from HERE).

I thought this would be the same too until i tried the tester at Watson’s and I’m like .. “Wow, quite pigmented as compared to VDL triple shot!” Not only that, it’s pretty easy to glide on and it can cover my dry chapped lips!

Did I mention, it smells sweet too!



This cushion tint gives a velvety finish on its own and works great too when used with other lip color! I just love how the cushion can help to create gradient lips so easily and NO MESS at all!

And if you didn’t know yet, this tint can be a blusher and eye shadow too!

Below image shows u the different look it can give..  Yes, all using the same stick!


Well I’ve tried to do some laying of the color and I think they looks great!!


Top image is my Maybelline’s bitten lips and bottom is layed with Loreal’s tint caresse.

Chio (pretty) right? LOL.. I like how the laying works! The way it gives a playful yet not too drama look! And it’s not the boring monotone color! So 3D!

img_0227 img_0228

I’ve tried them on my hands to show u a more accurate color tone of my bitten lips (it seems more pink on lips in those photos).. It’s suppose to be more red though..

I’m definitely getting other colors to my collection!

Next, I’m sharing with you some collection I’ve got from VDL! It’s not triple shot but something that caught my eyes too!

VDL – Pantone Expert Color Lip Cube Tranquility – 01 Serenity

img_9773 img_9775

I won’t exactly say this is a lip color because it doesn’t really give you pink/red/violet color on your lips. Instead it works more like a (sheer) lip balm/ lip base.


You applied it on your lips (clear) and just wait few sec you’ll see it turned sheer pink!

img_9776 img_9782

IMO, this wasn’t as good as Son & Park Sugar Tint but I love how the blue and pink marble effect the lipstick look! #socool!

Taking another VDL color that I have (105 Pink Positive) I layer it on top of my Serenity!

img_0234 img_0235

Such elegant color not only looks beautiful, it gives SPF protection and moisturized your lips too!

If you have realized, my VDL lipstick all comes in a cube top! This is not found in other competitors product yet! So what’s so good about the cubic edge? It actually helps your draw a more accurate/define cupid bow – easier to achieve one too!!

Next up, my happiest purchase!!


img_0243 img_0244

Bought this during a sale event and until now I can’t get over the excitement!!

As the name suggest, it’s a matte lip color. But you can see it’s not those drying matte color. It still give a lil natural shine  and cover my chapped lips well! All this thanks to it’s creamy non drying formula!

Another beauty of this lippie is that it can gives you different look depending on how many layers you apply and how you do it!


From a natural to a rocker! LOL.. For use who prefer lighter tone, you can achieve with 1993 too! Just lightly dap it on your lips and blend them!

Seriously, everyday different look is achievable from these different lippie!!! Try changing a color today!!




FUN TEST #534: 你是個善變的人嗎?




A 善變程度10%

B 善變程度50%。

C 善變程度5%。

D 善變程度90%。


Original grabbed from: OB嚴選

FUN TEST #533: 人際關係!









Original grabbed from: OB嚴選

FUN TEST #532: 你在情人眼裡是怎麼樣?

今天的心理測驗 要來測測你在情人眼裡是怎麼樣?








Original grabbed from: OB嚴選

FUN TEST #531: 你對自己夠好嗎?









Original grabbed from: OB嚴選

UV Spray Comparison

Recently I saw lotsa advertisement on sunblock spray! Sunblock spray is nothing new actually.. Few years back, I tried Enavose sunblock spray! It’s really convenient and hassle-free! That’s why here we are – a post for sun block spray!!

Today we’re comparing Cyber Colors and L’Oreal!

Bought Cyber Colors from JB’s SaSa! It cost about RM65 each but because there’s a 50% off promotion if purchase 2! So it’s as good as 1 for 1!

SPF 50 / PA+++, totally full defense!!


NG-Scene: Didn’t shake well enough and ended up with super thick sunblock on my hand! EEW~ Conclusion, SHAKE WELL!!


After shaking well, this spray works fine and smells good too! The fine particles are indeed grease-free as claim and totally not sticky at all!! *thumbs-up*

I have no idea how well it block away the UV but at least I am more motivated to apply sunblock on my body now since it’s so easy and convenient!

The only thing about this is.. you can’t spray directly onto face, You’ll have to do it the traditional way, spray onto you hand, rub it and then apply on face. Hmm.. so convenient for body but not the face..


Now, say WOW! I thought Cyber Colors sun protection was good enough! However, this is even better!! SPF 50 / PA++++!!! Four PLUS!! Even more protection!!

It’s the 1st ultra-light UV mist for face in a refreshing flash dry watery texture with 12H long-lasting UV Protection!!

OK, after above lesson, I shake this sun block very well!! LOL~


As compared, L’Oreal is slightly oilier but smell nicer! In fact, the oily feeling doesn’t last very long and the good thing about this is that it can be spray directly onto our face – even over your makeup!! Speaking of convenience~ ^_^

Overall, both are as good! It really depends on what you’re looking for..

If you prefer a less oilier spray, Cyber color is for you! Smells good, not sticky, not oily..

However, if you wish to have the convenience of having one bottle and able to spray from head to toe, L’Oreal is good! One compact spray-can that blocks all the UV! Save that pretty face!!!

FUN TEST #530: 你是不是一個難懂的人?

又到了心理測驗時間~ 今天要測測『你是不是一個難懂的人?』


A 你的難懂指數80﹪

B 你的難懂指數50﹪

C 你的難懂指數20﹪

D 你的難懂指數99﹪


Original grabbed from: OB嚴選

Australia Gold Coast (Day 7)

Although I can’t wait to share with you my experience in Gold Coast Sea World but I just have to tell you… If you haven’t read my previous post, I think you should!!

  • Day 1 – Melbourne (Touch down)
  • Day 2 – Melbourne (Queen Victoria Market/South Wharf)
  • Day 3 – Melbourne (Great Ocean Road)
  • Day 4 – Melbourne (Catch up/Shopping)
  • Day 5 – Gold Coast (Surfer Paradise)
  • Day 6 – Gold Coast (Movie World)

Today is the last (full) day I have in Gold Coast!

And as usual, we woke up early to start our day! Good thing about staying in Sea World Resort, you do NOT need to drive/travel long journey out of your hotel!!

To start of the day, we were brought to this lil area to watch the dolphin show..

If you asked me, they’re great! But if you’re not a morning person, you can totally skip this.. No particular WOW moments but this dolphins were beautiful!!


By the time we’re done with the show, the park is still EMPTY.. LOL! YES, we were very EARLY!!

So what else to do? Walk around while it’s still empty!!


Actually we didn’t take a lot of pictures .. If you ask me, I thought our SEA Aquarium is slightly better..


I love the show though! They’re funny and how nice to have interaction with viewer!!

And of course after the show, most of the attractions are open and that includes FOOD KIOSK!!!! We had Domino Pizza and sandwich from some random kiosk!

Well, pizza is just so-so but sandwiches in Australia taste so good!!! Flavourful and fresh!!! Even my mama who’s not a sandwich lover said it’s nice!!

Well, As the park close at 4pm.. we chop chop waste no time and hop into the monorail and head to our next stop!


While in the monorail, I managed to capture below image! I don’t know about you but I think this pic looks stunning! Of course, it’s filtered!

Once we reached our stop, we head to take this log ride (Viking Revenge Flume)~ We probably took this twice or thrice…! It’s really fun & the reason it’s fun is because of the great companion!! Mama was so sporting and agreed to join us play this!!

And warning! If you saw Jet Rescue Ride and thought it’s some manageable/mild ride because it the track seems all so low, NO NO! BIG NO… It’s super intense!! We nearly FLEW OUTTA our seat!!! It zoom at a speed of 70km/hr!!! Seriously you dun even have a chance to see your surrounding!! Click HERE to see it yourself!!


After all the rides, we head to the next jet ski show.. hmm.. If you ask me, I think it totally alright to skip this show (although we did stay through out)..After the show ended, we went to the nearby souvenir shop to grab some gift for our family and friends!


After this show, we didn’t stay around for too long and left the park.. We took the monorail again to head back to the hotel station! Just before the train arrive, I took some pic for mama since she wore her ONYXE bracelet out! Erm.. Focus on the bracelet actually! HAHA!!


Got this from ONYXE for quite some time already and it’s still looking good and great!!


And who can miss a last wefie before exiting the park!!!! We’ll be back (I think!)

We head back to hotel to unload our stuff and head out (to Surfer Paradise) for a good dinner!

HERE WE ARE!!! HURRICANE’S GRILL!! Highly recommended by a friend who has been in Australia for the past 6 years!!!

We ordered steak/chicken wings/rib/calamari!! Portion is big and taste heavenly!! If you ever have the chance, TRY IT!!! You won’t regret! Four satisfied customer leaving the restaurant!!

Did I mention, service here is good too!!! They even helped my mama with her bib – and LOOK AT THE RIB!!! BTW, this is only HALF RIB!! All our jaw dropped when we saw the portion! >_<


And to end a great night, we have to end it with a nice dessert!!!

Movenpick ice cream!! Girls always have space for dessert!! HAHAHA!!!

And a last wefie before we end our day to have a good night rest!

To the airport the next day!!! BYE BYE AUSTRALIA!!!