Travelogue: Konnichiwa Kyoto Day 1-2 (Day 8-9)

Ended my work and can finally start my vacation!!

Started my vacation checking into this awesome hotel which is at a very strategic location! Just next to Kyoto Station, airport limousine bus terminal and there are so many shops (Kyoto Station Mall, Don Don Donki) within walking distance!

Elcient Hotel Kyoto – the rate we booked is about ¥57,473 for 4 nights! Like all other hotel, this is in a cosy size too but doesn’t hinder us moving around at all.

First time in Japan, I’m so excited to see hotels in Japan actually provide skin care/toiletries for guest too!! Don’t even need to bring any skin care in future!! Best Part? They gave cup noodle for free at 9pm every night! 1 cup per guest!!

Well, checking in was a swift – counter staff were friendly and prompt! Without much delay, we went out for our lunch at a nearby mall after we parked our luggage in our room!

If you happen to be in Kyoto, Do try this cafe too! they specialist in Matcha dessert!! So good!!

Nakamura Tokichi Kyoto Station

Click HERE for Google Map

If you’re lost, just ask anyone, it’s quite well known and people will tell you where to go!

We didn’t do much upon arriving Kyoto first day since it’s kinda late to go any place of interest. So we did nothing but shopping at Don Don Donki and drug store!! High damage but happiness meter is filled to the max!

Day 2 – Bamboo Forest

There’s only ONE TIP for visiting places of interest, BE EARLY and i meant REALLY EARLY!

We started our day at about 8am, thinking it’s early (waking up at 7am is EARLY for me) enough… goodness, it’s actually not early enough! When we arrived at the station, there were already lotsa tourist! Initially we were still thinking not sure if we’ll get lost finding the forest, but oh well.. all we did is just follow the crowd!

It’s not immediately you will see beautiful forest. but you get to see a small shrine, a bit of bamboo here and there. While we’re walking in, we really though, is the forest like that? too overated!!

However, when we made one more turn, we actually walked in deeper and and saw this two beautiful rows of bamboo!!! breathtaking!! In case you thought “wah no people!” actually, there are LOTS! but you just need to find somewhere with less crowd photoshop them away later.

If you’re in Kyoto, i would definitely recommend coming here, EARLY! Tour groups come around 9-10am. So do target to come before them and you’ll get peace and less human traffic photos!

Now that it’s about 10am (i can’t remember the exact time, but for sure it’s between 10-11am)!  We can’t go other tourist spot since it’s kinda late – yes i hate crrowd.  So we decided to head to Nishiki Market!

Nishiki Market is a marketplace in downtown Kyoto, located on a road one block north and parallel to Shijō Street and west of Teramachi Street. Rich with history and tradition, the market is renowned as the place to obtain many of Kyoto’s famous foods and goods!

Lotsa food options and lotsa shopping too – we found Daiso here too! In my opinion, I would advice you to try anything that you see interesting! most of the food we bought are soo good! Unagi, Ebi, and look at the don we bought! Too heavenly!!! and the mixed (Matcha/Hojicha) ice cream – must try!!

Although it’s only two places we went but we’re enjoying the pace. it’s not killing packed yet not boring! with beautiful Bamboo forest experience, we swear to wake up earlier tomorrow for our FUSHIMI INARI visit!!!!

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Kobe Day 4-7

Travelogue: Konnichiwa Kobe Day 1-4 (Day 4-7)

This is not much of a leisure post since i am working most of the time. BUT BUT! i did (still) went out for dinner after my event ended, yes no matter how late. Waste no time even though i am mad tired (early mornings and late nights)! Trust me, aging is no joke!!

First night, i actually gave mama a treat to this grill seafood place! Wow, fresh seafood but I’m sorry, i can’t recall where is the location because we went round and round and round looking for a restaurant that sells my Kobe Beef and non-beef item (so that me and mama can enjoy dinner together). But… i was too hungry to continue and this place seems.. decent and we went in! It’s not the cheapest dinner but NO REGRETS!!

There are some other days i actually settle my dinner at a nearby supermarket as i was really toooo tired and u thought what food can supermarket have? THEY HAVE LOTSA FOOD!! Bento, Sushi, Sashimi, Churros! They even had oven for you to heat up your food! oh man.. Now i wish I’m there again!

On the last day in Kobe, I decided to bring mommy out and find my KOBE BEEF again! I must give credit to mommy for walking the street up and down with me just to find a stall where we both can enjoy together!

Again, i can’t recall this restaurant name!!! (>_<)|| It’s because we walked up and down many streets!! Some doesn’t have english menu, some don have many non-beef food.

But glad we found this small restaurant, they serve very Kobe Beef, Pork and Seafood!

When mommy first look at the pork, she was a bit turn off as she don’t really like marinated pork. However, to our surprise, the pork was mad goodness, the marinate didn’t over power the pork texture! Seafood was fresh too – sotong was weirdly soft!!

If you have the chance to visit Japan/Kobe and if you eat beef, i think you have to try Kobe Beef at least once!! it’s pricey but you will not regret! It will be the best beef you ever eat!!!

Well, gonna end this short post here and stay tune for the next one because it’s going to be excited!!

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Travelogue: Konnichiwa Osaka Day 3

After a good night sleep, it’s time to really explore Osaka!!

First stop! Shitennoji Temple (entrance fee ¥300)! We started our day kinda early hence the crowd was still manageable.

The temple is really nice but it isn’t too big, thus we took merely 15 mins and was out to the next destination – Tsutenkaku Tower (entrance fee ¥700)!

We didn’t took much picture here so i can’t share much with you! However, if you have the chance, maybe consider coming later in the afternoon. not alot of shops are open in the morning!! HAHAHAHA!! Maybe that’s why we didn’t have chance to take much photo!

Third stop of the day, The Umeda Sky Tower!! The building is the nineteenth-tallest building in Osaka Prefecture and one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. It consists of two 40-story towers that connect at their two uppermost stories, with bridges and an escalator crossing the wide atrium-like space in the center.

If you’re afraid of heights, i think it’s better not to look down when you’re taking the escalator. Going up the escalator is fine (since you’re look up), but coming down will make you a lil panicky as your view is all looking down! There was a lady who sat down on the escalator to avoid looking outside..  but must give her a thumbs up, she actually was there because her son wanted to visit the building.

Once you’re up there.. the view was really good! You can see Osaka City and there’s a cafe where you can sit down to rest and chill.

Just before we head for dinner, we went for our first ferris wheel ride – Hep Five Ferris Wheel (ride fee ¥600)!! Woohooo!

As you can see, mommy is really scared but she’s so adventurous and took the ride with me!! She did made me felt nervous too!! hahahaha!!!!

Overall, I highly recommend to get the Osaka Amazing Pass, it’s really quite a saving and you get prior access to quite a few places too! Best part, there’s an app where you can download and get discount at restaurant!

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Travelogue: Konnichiwa Osaka Day 2

Before i start, if you have read about my Day 1, click HERE!

Probably we’re too excited, waking up earlier was almost easy peasy! After we’re all ready, we’re off to out first stop! BRANCH!!

Of course we did not dine in train! We took train to Osaka (Umeda) station and went around exploring supermarket food stall, this isn’t part of the Osaka pass in case you’re wondering! LOL

After a good brunch, we head of to the most anticipated Osaka Castle (entrance fee ¥600). Good news, with Osaka Amazing Pass, you can SKIP THE QUEUE!! Weekend queue can be crazy and with priority access, you can save so much time and effort!

Although i heard a lot of review about how Osaka Castle is not a must-go place, but we still decided to went ahead. Yes, having OAP is one of the reason but it’s also because it’s our first time there, we thought we should at least come have a look once!

The castle is really magnificent, very grand! However, there isn’t much to do inside. I’m not a historical person (if you know me, i fail History throughout my school day! >_<)  hence we literally just went all the way up, enjoy the view and came down straight.

Within the same compound, walking distance, is another interesting place you can consider visiting (included in OAP), it’s the Illusion Museum (entrance fee ¥1200)

It’s like a small scale Trick Eye Museum, and best part, it’s not crowded! LOL!!!

After the museum and some souvenir shopping, we took our OAP Wonder Cruise (ride fee ¥1800) back to Dotonbori

We walk around Dotonbori (mainly Don Don Donki! HAHAHA!) and shopped quite a fair bit and decided to head home to put all our stuff first. We took a quick rest and decided to head to Kuromon Market (9am-6pm) and try our luck and see if we can have Sashimi or any interesting food!

Here we gooooo.. Whale tongue, grill scallop, Kanidon, Wagyu, Quail Octopus!!!

So glad we decided to come over despite our tired feet! The food was so gooood i can hold my poo for a week!!! Just like that, we ended our day 2 with a tummy full of good food!


Travelogue: Konnichiwa Osaka Day 1


Decided to post this today as a gift to all my readers – although the trip was done more than 6 month back!! Still, i am excited to share this (and a series of scheduled post coming up!) and here goes nothing!


We were all counting down to this long awaited trip to Japan! It’s my first time to Japan but my mom’s N time…

Perhaps because it’s my first time there, I’m still pretty excited planning the itinerary! Although I have no where in mind I wana go! But thankfully, I have friends who had been and stayed in Japan, they gave me a whole lot of information and recommendation! And… you will see some of them in this post or subsequent one!

Now! Before you travel, do head over to KLOOK to check out the travel deals available! I’m glad I did some homework and purchased a few tickets prior my trip!

1) Oasaka Amazing Pass (2 Day)

For first time visitor, I would recommend you to get the Osaka Amazing Pass! Because there’s so much u can do and if you plan your day well, you will make the ticket super worth it!

It gives you free access to major tourist attraction, discount at restaurants! What we like best is that it actually grant you express access to some attractions! So beat the queue!!

During the two days (if card activation), you can use the pass like your travel card! Unlimited subway ride in Osaka!

Trust me, you will not regret!

2) Icoca Card

This is a travel card, similar to SG’s EZ-Link card, TH’s Rabbit Card, HK’s Octopus Card!

You can use this for all transport – JR, subway, tram, bus! You can use this to pay your purchase at convenient store too!

3) Airport Limousine Bus

Why do we even get this when train service are so convenient? BECAUSE we do not want to loot our heavy luggage from platform to platform when changing lines to head to airport!

One of the tips my friend gave is, just book a limo bus to airport! There won’t be a huge difference in traveling time and you get to rest (seated) through out the journey! Best of all, don’t even need to worry about heavy luggage!

Best choice ever!!

4) Nankai Line Airport Express Ticket

Direct train service from airport to our Airbnb (nearest) station – Namba!

No complain on this! We were lucky we got to take the Limited Express! Slight faster and I think the train cabin is nicer?? But it’s not like the limited express is really limited.. their schedule for limited express is approximately 30 mins interval. LOL!

To sum it all, all my purchases on KLOOK are indeed worth it and saved us so much time and hassle!! In case you’re wondering if it is troublesome or hard to find the redemption counter, I would say, no it’s not. The instruction/direction given on the vouchers were really clear!

Now let’s fast forward….. upon arrival and collection of all our tickets, we’re in the airport express train to Namba already!

The ride was smooth and the train is clean! Very soon, we arrived Namba!

Walking to our Airbnb apartment was easy yet not so easy. Easy because i googled it for ten thousand time, i kinda know where is it already. Not easy because after we exit the train station, i don’t even know where (which exit) am I! LOLOL!!!

But good thing is, we had our wifi with us and we just googled our way out.

So here we are, outside our apartment! Room tour? of course!

WAIT! A lil disclaimer first! This ain’t my photos but owner’s photo from Airbnb. The reason i chose to use her photos because they are really true to pictures and the photo i took didn’t do any justice to her apartment!! 

Our host has a few unit here thus if you’re keen in getting a room here but perhaps wanna check out other rooms, click HERE.

This neighborhood around the apartment was pretty lively and there are sooo many eateries and drug store around!

Most of the popular places are within walking distance too! Kuromon Market, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi!

Now sharing with your our very first meal in Japan…… *drumroll*

UDON! This has by far been the best udon I ate!! The udon is soft yet not soggy! The soup is flavorful yet not salty! Best part, it’s not even expensive to start with!! 210JPY (2.68SGD / 2.00USD) for a simple udon!! Now that we had a good meal it’s time to explore JAPANNNN!!

Actually… exploring Japan only starts the next day since we are holding the 2-day amazing pass! so instead, we only walked around the neighbourhood and recce Dotonbori!

It was really crowded and the street SMELL SO GOOD!! it was sooo good we followed it and it brought us to this grill crab leg and this thick crab soup. Can’t remember what is it (liver paste? I really can’t remember!!) but it’s heavenly good and (expensive!)

We walked around and before the street gets anymore crowded, we settled for dinner and ended our day earlier so that we have energy for 2 long day of fun!!

To end this post, here are some recommendation on place to stay. For first timer, i would definitely recommend Namba Area just like how my colleague recommend this place to me). It’s near all interesting place, lot’s food, direct Airport train, mall, drug store & markets are walking distance! If you’re adventurous, you can consider Airbnb too – click through via Shopback to earn extra cashback!!!

DA BIG TUMMY #106 – Chicken Wing Stuffed Fried Rice

It’s been a while DABIGTUMMY is in action!

We had been resting and finding inspiration.. (ya right!) Today, we’re gonna share our Christmas feast recipe! Nope! It’s not turkey not ham!

It’s chicken filled with loveeee!

De-boned chicken wings stuffed with fried rice!

Deboning the wings is such a skill and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t have that kinda skill. This is solely a husband dish from start to end! He spent hours debone the 16 wings with a scissors – totally can feel his love just in a bite!

So here’s what you need for this dish!

Chicken wings

Rice (75% cooked)




Oyster Sauce

Sesame Oil

There is no measurement for this recipe because everything is measured by love! If you love wings, buy more! If you love eggs, add more! If you prefer spicy, add more pepper!

So now, start getting your hands dirty! Deboning time! Once done, keep them in fridge first and work on your fried rice..

There’s few ways to get this done. (1) Buy from tze char stall but might be over cooked when you baked your wings. (2) Fried using overnight rice from your dinner the day before (don’t forget to add eggs!). (3) Cook rice on stove until 75% cook before you start frying them with egg!

I won’t be going into details on how to fried rice as I believe everyone has their preferred way to do it. The key thing here is ensure your rice is not fully cooked before it’s stuffed into the wings!

Once you got your fried rice ready, time to get messy! Stuff ‘me in your wings gently!do give them a push down to ensure the rice will fill the bottom too!

Once full, close the opening w a toothpick and position them on your baking tray!

We’re not done yet! Time to give your wings a good massage! Massage them with either (1) salt and pepper or (2) oyster sauce and sesame oil! If you have other marinate to use or try, go ahead!

With that done, heat up your oven at 180 degrees and bake those wings for 25 mins!

*DING* now your chicken wings is done!!!

We tried an alternative for carb-free diet! We stuffed a few wings with diced vegetable (fry w garlic and a pinch of salt only) and they’re equally good and filling!

Scroll back up and see again the black pepper wings, you’ll noticed that there’s one (in fact two piece, one piece on the left and the other on right) is slightly green, yes! That’s our vegetable wings!

Cooking is very much base on creativity, patience and love. He once again won my heart with the above!

Travelogue: Sawadeeka Part 2

Waking up EARLY in the morning is no joke but for Khao Yai.. I’m all ready!!

I will not be going deep into details but will share a few highlights that you can consider adding to your itinerary if you plan to go Khao Yai too!

According to many hearsay feedback, the best time to visit Khao Yai is between Nov-Feb. It’s cool and flowers bloom! True enough, while on the way there, the temperature already starts to drop from 29 to 26 to 23 degrees (secretly feeling excited about the cool weather!!)

We booked a private driver from Thai National Park but they have nothing to do with any of the national park. Although they’re not the cheapest, but their price are really competitive and they are very prompt in response! Response is one thing I cared about especially when you are new to the place you’re going! From the response they gave, you can tell that they really think from your end and plan for your convenience. Although the driver doesn’t seems to be communicated with our plan, he is generally still helpful and accommodating!

OK enough talking! Let me start off with a few nice pictures!


A nice picture of 四个女人一个梦 at The Bloom! If you’re not a flower person, skip this place. LOL it has nothing but flowers. If you’re good with taking pictures, you may get a few IG worthy shots.

Entrance Fee to The Bloom 300 THB per pax

Shortly after, we head to PB Valley for our tour. If you plan to visit PB Valley, do book your tour in prior. The tour is about 75 mins and will bring you to 3 station, the vineyard, then fermentation room and the tasting room.

Everyone will get 4 glasses of wine to taste and those underage (ehem, like me) can try their grape juice! It’s quite refreshing (too bad you can’t get a refill!)!

After the tour, we’re free to roam around and since we had a driver, our timing are pretty flexible!!  So why not a few picture before we go!

PB Valley Tour is 350 THB per pax

Cant remember where we went after PB Valley, maybe lunch or maybe Primo Piazza??


Primo has quite a few spot for IG worthy pictures! Among the places we went, Primo is probably one of the places we spend more than 30 mins (maybe 45 mins??)!


We went Palio too but IMO, it’s more like a small shopping place for you to get souvenirs, which we already did in Bangkok. Thus nothing really fancy us there. However, if you need good food, MK is there!

Our plan was to visit Sunflower farm on this day and we were all anticipating for this time to come.. Who knows, it started to RAIN! Damn!! Our driver than told us we will need to skip Sunflower farm as the road will be muddy to drive/walk in. Man, the rain washed away our excitement.

Since it’s raining, we can’t do much, we head to the Chocolate Factory. It’s not some factory for you to see how chocolate is made. It’s just a place to buy chocolate and a restaurant to dine in. I didn’t take much picture here because the rain has dampen our mood (my sunflower field~~~boohooo)

We bought some chocolates and to my surprise, their chocolate was really nice! Every piece is nice, especially those with almonds! Too bad i didn’t expect much from it, thus NO PICTURES to shareeee!

So now with most of the places we wana go strike off, we were left with Hotel! LOL.. We asked our driver to send us to our hotel so that we can check in and have a early dinner later. Glad he was accommodating and willing to still come back and pick us up for dinner!

Upon arrival at Thames Valley.. The ambiance really got me speechless! Such romantic place and IG worthy buildings!! LOL.. IG-er, get ready your camera when you are here!

With the good weather, every angle seems like a good view!

We booked a Family Suite and it’s located on the second floor. The hotel helped us with our overloaded luggage too and almost got them killed – too heavy! >_<

Bed was clean, big and comfy! Toilet is spacious but i feel it’s a lil too dim.

One of our favourite corner in our suite! 4 of us just sat here in all positions and started mugging our phones!! LOL!

It was a waste we didn’t have enough time is not we could have soaked ourselves in this concrete tub holding a glass of wine (or coke also works!!) Did i mention, they provide free minibar!!

As the clock goes tick tock tick tock.. Soon it was time to leave for dinner! it was 4:30pm and we’re leaving for dinner!! LOL! It was because the dinner place was kinda far off thus we had to leave early!

This place Ban Mai Chay Nam Restaurant was recommended by a friend saying that my mom would love it because they have lotsa antique!  I was still wondering what kinda antique……


All this collections got us loitering around for quite a while after dinner!!

View for dinner?? Make sure you don’t drop your phone! >_<

Even mama had fun doing role play – a fruit seller!!

Verdict: Food was not bad and served pretty fast! it was a pity we weren’t that hungry thus couldn’t finish the food! If you ask if i will return, Yes i will but not sure about the others as they might wana try new places! 😀

BONUS: Thames Valley Night View!

That night, we all had a good night rest and looking forward to visit sunflower farm tmr *finger crossed*

If you think this post is ending here, NO. We still have day 2 but i promise it will be quick!!They say “save the best for last”, so here’s the last part!!

Woke up with the first thing in my mind, CAN WE GO SUNFLOWER FIELD TODAY??? (I’m not telling you first because we need to go for breakfast before anything else!)

On the way to breakfast feels eating in a castle! Breakfast spread was good and even a public toilet here looks so GOOD!!!! 

Yes, this is the restaurant’s toilet! Clean and cool. Nothing less expected.

We meet our driver at 9am and the first thing we ask was, is sun flower field possible today???  “YES”!!!!

So here we are at Rai Maneesorn Sunflower Field!!!

so rude to show you sunflower back view!!! LOL


YAYYYY we made it here and!! it was crowded although the picture didn’t reflect that! Everyone is trying to take nice picture and coming here seeing this yellow field really makes the heart smile!

This is the second place where we spent quite a while!! if you ask me, i would say this is a must visit place.

Entrance to Rai Maneesorn is 80 THB (or 100THB, either one la, can’t really rmb! =P)

After that we went for lunch and head off to the airport. If you’re leaving to the airport directly from Khao Yai, pls ensure you leave the place 6 hours before flight departure time. This is to ensure you won’t missed your flgiht due to traffic condition – normal travelling tmie is about 2.5 hours. You never know when the traffic can be really bad..

Glad to be going home in 2 hours time!

Travelogue: Sawadeeka Part 1

It has been a while since I go Bangkok! 3 years? 5 year?? I am so excited to visit again, this time round, with #四个女人一个梦! But of of us was already in BKK for business trip thus the remaining made our way there much later to join her!

Upon arriving, what welcome us is the oh-so-familiar-hot-weather like SG.

This time round, we were smarter! We bought Rabbit Card (ez-link card equivalent) from KLOOK – which already has got stored value of 200THB (each trip, depanding on journey, starts from 25THB only)! This will save us A LOT of time from queuing at ticketing machine to get an entry ticket!

That’s not all, if you have not already know, make your KLOOK purchases via SHOPBACK – to earn cashback!! That’s double saving!

Say yes to Travel Smart!

Upon arrival, we went to KLOOK counter to pick up our WiFi and… BOOKED a Grab Car!! Woohooo Yes, Bangkok uses GRAB too! (If you use Line, they have LINEMAN which is similar to Grab)

I would say we had the best car.. but it saved our time and worries! But one thing we didn’t enjoy was the TRAFFICE JAM. LOL we were on the road for about 2 hrs before we reach our hotel (that’s almost like a return trip back home! LOL) We were almost toasted in the car due to the HOT sexy weather!

So here we are, checked in Crowne Plaza Lumpini Park! Good location with MRT/BTS around the corner! There’s a mall within 5 mins walk too! If you need massage, there’s a whole lot here (pretty good IMO)!

Upon checked in, we were given a lil elephant plush and the concierge will take care of moving our big luggage to our room!

The one thing (or rather one of the few things) that caught my attention was this pillow spray!! First time experiencing hotel provide a pillow spray – Lavender scent! The other thing – which is common in JP i guess – a bidet spray! WAH.. This makes business so pleasant!! 

Enough of hotel…! We rested a while and quickly head out to the nearest mall to get our lunch – it was a bad start flight delay, traffic jam – we were famished!!

Silom Mall (the mall that’s nearest to Crowne Plaza) has lotsa of restaurant. There’s Thai, Jap, Korean, Asian! All time favourite MK is here! The popular cafe After You has an outlet here too! Singaporean if you’re looking for “Home” taste, Breadtalk is here!! LOL… Now Bubble Tea lovers listen up, KOI is available at Silom Mall toooooo (but the queue is crazy no matter at what time)!

One time we would not miss having when my mama and I are in Bangkok, that’s Pig Blood Curd! I know this picture doesn’t do any justice but trust me, this blood curd is totally heavenly! Especially after a LOOOONG day of shopping!

While my cousin was at work, we basically just went shopping shopping shopping.. Good thing i brought my humble trolley bag! If not we’ll probably be too bulky to move around! BUT also because of the trolley bag, i wasn’t able to clock my steps! The stepper doesn’t count when i hold my trolley and walk! 20K steps down the drainnnn T___T boohooo!

I didn’t buy a lot of clothes for myself this time, in fact half of my loots are for my handsome hub! He deserve a wardrobe upgrade!

Almost every other is the same, Shopping Eating Massaging! That’s all we did.

And since we had a Sunday in Bangkok, how to not go to Chatukchak! This is a freakingly BIG market. If you really plan to come here, don’t bother planning other program on the same day. We almost died walking!

Here’s a tip (if you haven’t already know), alight at Kamphaeng Phet Mrt Station if you wana go to Chatuchak Market. It’s nearer, once exit MRT, and there you are in the market! Not like Chatukchak Park MRT Station is damn far but if you can save yourself that 5 mins walk, why not!

Stuff we whacked a lot at the market are luggage tag, bags, aroma diffuser and clothes!

Luggage tag are about 50-60 Baht at different stall. Some are selling 2 for 100THB, some sell it 60THB but buy 5 get 1 free. So if you do a lil math, they all adds up the same, it’s just a matter of how many u wanna buy and if the color attracts you. 😀

It was really a tiring day and thankfully we didn’t plan anything the following day thus can just laze around..


Can’t recall exactly which day we went to After You (i believe was the day we didn’t plan any program), but was glad we made it there for real! There were so many times we wanted to go but we were either too full or missed it!

We settled for their signature Shibuya Toast and a (i can’t recall the name, maybe caramel banana) pancake! Shibuya Toast was really good!! Even our mama enjoyed it too!!

Very sooon our days in Bangkok gonna come to an end….. but that’s not the end of our vacation!!! We are heading to our next destination.. KHAOYAI!!

Stay tuneee!